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Steel Core/Cylinder
We deliver high-quality industrial rollers only

As an experienced manufacturer, we can produce wide format precision steel rollers including drive rollers, idler rollers, heating rollers, engraved rollers, nip rollers, chromed mirror-like rollers, laminator rollers, printing rollers, etc. Here is the regular production process of steel roller:

Capacity: Max. Dia 1,800mm; Max Length 12,000mm Max.1,600 mm in the diameter and 12,000 mm in the length.

Accuracy Assurance: Usually steel roller has critical requirements on the run-out, concentricity and cylindricity - that's why precision grinding as the final step is a must for qualified steel rollers if you want to cylindricity 0.01mm; Our workshop is equipped with 3 grinding machines including 6,000mm CNC grinding machine. reach 0.001 inch in cylindricity.

Balancing: Static balancing is applied to all rollers production and dynamic balancing is also a must for high speed working roller.

Heat Treatment: Steel roller body could be annealed or hardened if needed.

Surface Coating: Steel rollers could be painted, zinc plated, chrome coated, EPDM rubber coated, Teflon coated, etc., depending on the application.

Inspection: We will provide inspection report for every steel roller.

Packaging: Well-designed packaging is also very important for precision steel rollers, otherwise rollers may be damaged in the loading/unloading process and transportation.

View of Steel Roller in Processing

Vacuum steel roller is being processed on grinding machine

The steel roller is tested on the dynamic balancing machine.
Max. loading: 3,000kg
Max. rotating speed: 2500rpm

DOWNLOAD: Dynamic balancing report

Zinc plated conveyor steel roller
Auto welding for idler roller
Capacity: 6000pcs/month

Steel roller in painting room
Inspecting the paint thickness
Coating thickness: 80-120 μm

Custom Steel Rollers for Our Clients

These are paint finish steel roller for wide format digital printer. Length of roller:4,000-6,000mm
Diameter: 230mm
Cylindricity: 0.10mm

Inspecting the diameter by π micrometer

This is a helicon roller in the process of dynamic balancing Length of roller:3,800mm
Diameter: 215mm
Run-out: 0.05mm

Another custom helicon roller Length of roller:3,800mm
Diameter: 215mm
Run-out: 0.05mm

CNC machined idler rollers with crown surface for FIVES(Italy) belt conveyor

Chrome plated rod & shaft

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