Rollers are widely used in various material handling machines. It may also be called as steel roller, rubber roller, aluminum roller, idler roller, driven roller, nip roller, steel drum, steel pulley, driven pulley, steel cylinder, tube, impact roller, converting roller, contact roller, pinch roll, heat rollers & chill rollers, pressure roll and dance rollers etc. The below are some industries that we served.

In the segment market of wide format precision rollers, we’retrying to be one of the best. Thank our customers, they are also urging us to keep improving continuously .

Charles Yu (CEO)

Grand Digital Printer

Steel rollers / EPDM rubber rollers / Aluminum nip rolls

  • We supply various rollers for EFI wide format digital printing machines.
  • The O.D. of roller: 76, 110, 152, 165, 230mm
  • The roller length: up to max.6,000mm
  • The cylindricity required: 0.1mm (in full length)
  • Coating: Black paint, Teflon, zinc plating, electroless nickel plating.
  • Allowance of coating thickness: within 0.02mm

Tissue Converting

  • Tissue converting machinery needs lots of different rollers such as crowned aluminum rollers, tungsten carbide coated steel rollers and helical knife rollers, As supplier of Ltaly Fabio Perini, we provide them not only precision rollers but also assembly service.
  • The O.D. of roller: 76-480mm
  • The length: 2,500 -5,000mm
  • The cylindricity required: 0.05mm
  • Finish: tungsten carbide, electroless nickel plate or paint

Float Glass Conveyor

NBR rubber rollers / Chrome driven shafts

  • These conveyor rollers with rubber donuts were exported to Israel I-Scan. The transportation rollers are used on the cold end of float glass Line. Usually one line needs hundreds pieces of conveyor steel roller with rubber donuts.
  • The O.D. of roller: 76-165mm
  • The roller length: up to max.6,000mm
  • The cylindricity required: 0.15mm
  • Finish: yellow paint

Logistics Process Automation

  • We supply various precision CNC machined rollers such as take-up pulley, tension roller, driven pulley, snubber pulley, steering roller and heavy crowned rollers etc. for logistics process automation (airport luggage belt conveyor, parcel handling conveyor and any others).
  • The O.D. of roller: 50 - 180mm
  • The roller length: up to 2,000mm
  • The cylindricity required: 0.05mm
  • Coating: paint, zinc plating and phosphatizing etc.

Filter of Sodium Carbonate Filter

  • RPA is a leading company in the filter of sodium carbonate, and we supply them the 304L, 316L, 2205 and 904L stainless steel rollers and large SBR rubber coated idler and driven pulleys D1210mm.
  • The O.D. of roller: from 168 to 1210mm
  • The length: up to max. 8,000mm
  • The weld inspection and pickling & passivation

Textile & Dyeing

  • We supply various rollers for textile machinery such as non-woven fabric. The roller material could be steel, aluminum, stainless steel.
  • The O.D. of roller: 100-820mm
  • The roller length: up to max.6,000mm
  • The cylindricity required: 0.05mm (in full length)
  • Coating: Teflon, zinc plating, electroless nickel plating or rubber coated. Dynamic balancing speed: max. 2200rpm

Paper Making

  • We deliver large size pulleys & rolls solution for paper-making industry such as pressing rolls, calender rolls, vacuum rolls, suction blind drilled press rollers, Pope reel drums, rewinder rolls and so on.
  • Capacity: Diameter up to 2,000mm x length  up to 12,000mm

Mining Conveyor Industry

(Trough idler roller for belt conveyor)

  • As part of belt conveyor is as part of belt conveyor used in power plant, cement mill, fertilizer plant, steel mill, coal mine etc. widely.
  • The O.D. of roller & pulleys: 60 – 219mm mostly
  • The length: 160-3200mm
  • Coating: powder coating, paint, zinc plating etc. We exported idler rollers to Canada, Brazil and Morocco.

Packaging Machinery

  • Packaging roller needs to be bored inside of tube in order to get an uniform tube wall thickness, in addition, most of rollers need to be dynamic balanced at high rotating speed.
  • The O.D. of roller: 150 - 280mm
  • The roller length: up to 2,500mm
  • The cylindricity required: 0.05mm
  • Coating: chrome Pressure test needed at 6 bar( ≥8 hours) Paint side plates: 300℃ heat-resistant

Laminating Machinery

  • Laminating machines are used for multilayer composite such as paper-plastic and aluminum-plastic film etc. We produce various precision high-speed steel roller, aluminum roller and stainless steel rollers for laminating machine.
  • Dynamic balancing speed: max.2,500rpm Cylindricity: 0.02mm

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